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Conference Room Tee by Tom O'Toole

Image of Conference Room Tee by Tom O'Toole
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Whilst inebriated by pain medication following a major leg injury, Tom made a weird drawing of a bunch of empty banners. We liked that drawing so much we decided to paint hundreds of very large empty banners on the wall of our conference room.

While we painted we had several in-depth conversations surrounding the symbolic weight of blank banners, and whether or not we should slowly fill them in with equally artistically heavy statements, or conversely leave them blank and allow the user to envision them filled with queries, adages and aphorisms of their own invention – essentially allowing the banners to be vehicles for the emotional and intellectual meanderings of you – the audience. In the end we were just like “Fuck it. Leave that shit blank let’s go to the bar”.

Then we had the idea that we should make the mural in to a t-shirt, partially because we liked the mural so much we wanted to wear it every day, partially because we still liked that weird Hydrocodone drawing so much.

So we proudly present you with the Conference Room Tee. The shirt, based on the mural, based on the drawing, based on the broken leg, by Tom O'Toole.