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Pizza Friday Team Beanie

Image of Pizza Friday Team Beanie

Sometimes sunglasses are inappropriate. We understand that people go indoors, sometimes it's cloudy outside, and at least once a day it's night time. So how does one create awareness of one's affiliation with Pizza Friday without wearing a pair of PF Shades? Surely there must be another way to emblazon your bodily real-estate with the two words that matter most.

The engineers in our Upper Body Accessory Division have been working around the clock for years to come up with a solution to this mathematical paradox. After much trial and error, we are proud to announce they totally nailed it. No more groping aimlessly around in the dark while wearing PF sunglasses just for the sake of "lettin' the fuckers know, man." Introducing the Pizza Friday Team Beanie.

100% not wool. Let those little lambs keep warm this winter and wear this deluxe head covering lovingly knitted out of acrylic yarn in good ol' United States of America. One size fits most. Head too big? Hat'll stretch out. Hat too stretched out? Pop it in the washer on warm and lay flat to dry. Don't iron it though. Why would you even think about doing that?

Doubles as a sleeping bag for an infant human child.